Penny's Babies

Friday, March 04, 2005

the ingredients boiled and the water left used to cook the help her regain the energy and most important, blood.... Posted by Hello

looks and smells yum yum........ Posted by Hello

mickey's dinner: mashed fish + mashed chicken liver + mashed tomato + oat meal... Posted by Hello

Mickey: "see?!!!!!!!!!" Posted by Hello

Mickey: "am i a brave girl? see my wound!" Posted by Hello

Mickey: "home home sweet home.....lalalalalala......." Posted by Hello

mommy: "ok baby, you slept for one more night and i can pick you up home. be good huh?!!" Posted by Hello

mickey: " sigh....... i time, i will not swallow a ball, i will swallow a plum instead....." Posted by Hello

mommy: "so, have you learnt from this lesson?"  Posted by Hello

mickey: "but i am sooooo bored........." Posted by Hello

mommy: "when? see how long is your wound??" Posted by Hello

mickey: "when can i get out from this hell?" Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

it's the half of my mobile.......that's why scared to death Posted by Hello

another scale for your reference..... Posted by Hello

this is the damn ball!!! see the surface wasn't anymore smooth because the acid.... Posted by Hello

Her wound.....not completed seen...i'd rather it was me who suffered..... Posted by Hello

Mickey, "Mommy, I can't stand up to hug you really hurts!!" Posted by Hello

firstly saw me after the operation, though felt great pain, greeted me as usual.....she's such a lovely girl!! Cheer up gal, you're coming home soon!! Posted by Hello

poor mickey...she's upset because i was leaving the clinic.... Posted by Hello